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25 Point Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management

The 25 Point Implementation Plan, introduced by Federal CIO Vivek Kundra in December of 2009, details the 25 steps federal agencies must take to migrate to cloud solutions when possible; better manage large-scale IT programs; and improve program acquisition, management, budgeting, governance and accountability.

OMB's 25 Point Plan was developed to combat the pervasive inefficiencies and expenses in government agencies' IT infrastructures.

If done right, agencies will reap great benefits by following the federal government's 25 Point Plan. Cloud computing, shared services and data center consolidation mean efficiency and cost savings. At the same time, making these changes forces agency leaders to examine processes and goals, which can only lead to even greater efficiencies. The plan also encourages partnership with industry which is a great way to think outside the box. Agencies that take the time to explore the variety of industry solutions and identify which solutions worked well for other agencies will only benefit from the technical knowledge and innovation that industry brings to government.

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) is a subset of the 25 Point Implementation Plan, and several of the steps are similar.

Below is a matrix of the consolidated 25 Point Implementation Plan that details the required action items, action items owners, and deadlines for each.

25 Point Plan Action Items

Action Item Owner(s) Within 6 mos. 6-12 mos. 12-18 mos.
1 Complete detailed implementation plans to consolidate 800 data centers by 2015 OMB, Agencies
2 Create a government-wide marketplace for data center availability OMB, GSA
3 Shift to a “Cloud First” policy OMB, Agencies
4 Stand-up contract vehicles for secure IaaS solutions GSA
5 Stand-up contract vehicles for “commodity” services GSA
6 Develop a strategy for shared services Federal CIO
7 Design a formal IT program management career path OPM, OMB
8 Scale IT program management career path OPM, Agencies
9 Require Integrated Program Teams OMB
10 Launch a best practices collaboration platform Federal CIO Council
11 Launch technology fellows program Federal CIO
12 Enable IT program manager mobility across government and industry OMB, CIO Council, OPM
13 Design and develop cadre of specialized IT acquisition professionals OMB, Agencies
14 Identify IT acquisition best practices and adopt government-wide OFPP
15 Issue contracting guidance and templates to support modular development OFPP
16 Reduce barriers to entry for small innovative technology companies SBA, GSA,OFPP
17 Work with Congress to create IT budget models that align with modular development OMB, Agencies
18 Develop supporting materials and guidance for flexible IT budget models OMB, CFO Council, CIO Council
19 Work with Congress to scale flexible IT budget models more broadly OMB, Agencies
20 Work with Congress to consolidate Commodity IT spending under Agency CIO OMB, Agencies
21 Reform and strengthen Investment Review Boards OMB, Agencies
22 Redefine role of Agency CIOs and Federal CIO Council Federal CIO, Agency CIOs
23 Rollout “TechStat” model at bureau-level Agency CIOs
24 Launch “myth-busters” education campaign OFPP
25 Launch an interactive platform for pre-RFP agency-industry collaboration GSA
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