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Phase Five | Consolidation & Optimization Execution

After four phases of painstaking upfront research, analysis and strategy development, our team will begin taking steps to physically and logically maximize the efficiency of your data center and cut out bloated expenditures and energy use.

During this phase, ThunderCat and Knight Point Systems will:
  • Incident reports
  • Standard operating procedure updates
  • Reports on utilization and cost savings metrics

Execute virtualization, consolidation and migration plans

Using the data obtained and strategies developed in previous phases, our team will begin the process of actually virtualizing and consolidating servers and applications. Once all opportunities to streamline and improve data center operations are successfully completed, we will then, as necessary, take steps to relocate servers and applications.

When it comes to execution, ThunderCat and Knight Point Systems have years of combined experience with hundreds of clients. Our people, expertise, skillset, methodology and experience make execution flow seamlessly. Here is just one example: With Hercules' tools, we can monitor the entire data center transformation in real-time during execution. That means we will know exactly where every piece of hardware is at all times—whether it's powered off on the rack, on a loading dock or on a truck moving from one facility to another.

Execute energy use optimization plans

Based on the data collected in Hercules and the work done in Phases 1 through 4, we will have a clear plan of what will be virtualized, consolidated or put in a cloud infrastructure. Moreover, we will continue to study your layout plan and cooling mechanisms for inefficiencies and potential savings. From this and other data, we will work with you to create and then execute a comprehensive green IT strategy—with the goal of slashing your organization's carbon footprint and realizing major reductions in your ongoing operating expenses.

Measure and report on utilization and cost savings metrics

In addition to generating the reports required by the Office of Management and Budget, Hercules provides additional reports that give you even more insight into your cost savings and utilization metrics. For example, based on the power requirements your data center was generating before Phase 1, the power requirements your new infrastructure will demand and the cost per kilowatt, we will be able to predict future cost savings.

And we'll continue to do this on an as-needed basis. We'll use Hercules to provide regular reports on energy optimization that detail your baseline, current and projected energy use according to several key metrics—and provide recommendations on how those numbers could be further improved.
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