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Phase Three | Analysis & Strategic Decisions

The first two phases involved collecting the most accurate and complete information possible about the IT infrastructure and its processes. Now, using well-proven methodologies, we can thoroughly analyze the data and begin to determine the best ways for your agency to move forward with consolidation, optimization and relocation of different data centers.

During this phase, ThunderCat and Knight Point Systems will:
Deliverables include:
  • Performance assessment
  • Structured and ad-hoc reports

Perform energy and cost evaluation of different approaches

For most agencies, this step will involve evaluating the standard data center approach with one that includes some percentage of virtualization and/or cloud computing. Successfully evaluating energy and the cost of various approaches depends on a full knowledge of the agency's business, network and application topology. With that knowledge (gathered in Phases 1 and 2), the Hercules methodology enables us to come up with a handful of viable scenarios that include some level of virtualization and cloud computing, along with cost and energy metrics.

Identify risks, alternatives, cost assumptions and business benefits

The risks and benefits of each alternative depend on a variety of factors, including how many servers and applications will be virtualized or cloud-enabled. The Hercules methodology uses Impact Clusters to define the best candidates for virtualization. This methodology takes into account technology constraints, physical constraints and business constraints. The points where they intersect enable us to identify the best candidates for virtualization—and ensure minimal impact on the mission and day-to-day business processes.

Make strategic technology and consolidation investment decisions

Based on the previous phases and parts of Phase 3, we will recommend the best strategic technology and consolidation investment decisions for your needs.

Also in this phase, we will deliver the required Q3 and Q4 structured reports, as well as any ad hoc reports requested by the customer.
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