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Phase Two | Application Mapping

Most data centers are built ad hoc and over time, leading to limited knowledge of not only a data center's actual hardware and software inventory but also the interdependencies of those assets. This becomes a significant and potentially costly obstacle when consolidation, relocation or optimization is initiated because a change on one asset can have significant and potentially negative ramifications on another—and this effect is often unknown until after the fact.

Hercules addresses this challenge by identifying all IT assets within the organization—and the complex interrelationships that exist between them. Our proprietary software tool can quickly collect asset, application, people and facilities data, analyze it and, using a topology map, easily illustrate the multi-faceted physical and logical interdependencies that exist within the IT infrastructure.

With Hercules, we will:
Deliverables include:
  • Asset documentation
  • Infrastructure documentation
Moreover, depending on your needs, we will refresh your mappings at set intervals and provide customized management reports.

Map applications to servers and mainframes and to databases and platforms

We'll start the process by first interviewing application owners and system administrators to define which applications reside on specific hardware, which applications interact with which databases and which applications are associated with specific platforms. With this step, we'll gain a full understanding of the environment.

Map application dependencies

Whether you are considering data center consolidation, optimization or relocation, a current mapping of the data center and its assets is necessary. In addition to determining which applications run on various servers, mainframes, databases and platforms, we can leverage Hercules to take it a level deeper by mapping how those machines communicate with each other and how their applications interact, both upstream and downstream. Hercules then illustrates the various interrelationships and dependencies via a Topology Map, a presentation that can be analyzed to craft comprehensive optimization and relocation strategies.

Evaluate application security

During this process, we'll evaluate the security requirements of each application, including the corresponding regulations for compliance. This process will end with a list of applications missing security requirements and a strategy to remedy those gaps.

Gauge application usage

Using Hercules' Topology Map, we can determine which applications are running on servers with extra capacity (such as a server that is using only 10% of its power for a given application). By pinpointing those inefficiencies within the multi-layered information captured by Hercules, our experts can identify opportunities for improvement and efficiencies, determine the best application candidates for virtualization and the cloud and weigh the benefits of relocating and consolidating your data centers.

Gauge SLAs usage

Because Hercules captures all Service Level Agreement (SLA) information for every application (including the amount of tolerable downtime, if any), we have the data we need to plan the migration of each application. If the service level for an application mandates zero downtime, for example, we will plan the migration in a much different way than if the application's SLA allows for 48 hours of downtime.
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