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About NetApp

Organizations built on NetApp go further faster.

NetApp Public Sector DCC Solutions

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate federal data center consolidation efforts. Dedication to the principles of simplicity, innovation, and customer success has made NetApp one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers today. Organizations around the world choose NetApp for its “go beyond” approach and broad portfolio of solutions for server-to-storage virtualization, mission-critical applications, data protection, and more. NetApp® solutions and virtualized storage technologies provide nonstop availability of critical data and speed product development, so federal agencies can confidently meet the FDCCI deadlines.

Learn more about how NetApp has worked to provide information and solutions to assist with the FDCCI mandate:

Using Advanced Analytics to Facilitate the Federal Mandate for Data Center Consolidation
This paper details how NetApp® OnCommand® Insight management software quickly identifies heterogeneous storage assets and maps the relationships between applications, servers, virtual machines, switches, and storage. When all consolidation and technology transitions have been completed, OnCommand Insight helps manage physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure more efficiently to reduce both capital and operating expenses. Read More

The Federal Mandate for Data Center Consolidation
NetApp outlines its package of strategic technologies and services that addresses the four components of the FDCCI mandate: using green IT; reducing hardware, software and operational costs; increasing security; and leveraging IT investments. Learn how NetApp's consolidation solutions can help agencies boost utilization and achieve operational efficiency by moving to a shared infrastructure that allows scalability, virtualization, and consolidation in a highly secure environment. Read More

Measure to Manage II: Consolidation Crash Course
In May 2011, 157 Federal IT decision makers were surveyed to dig deeper into the metrics agencies use to measure consolidation savings and to determine if agencies are increasing efficiency as they consolidate. Download this updated report now to learn agency perspectives on: efficiency metric blind spots, how agencies lack visibility to capture hard savings numbers through data center utilization, and the contrast between data center management in the public and private sectors. Read More

Data Center Consolidation on a Dime: Measure to Manage Report
In March 2011, 152 Federal IT decision makers were surveyed in an attempt to understand their data center consolidation progress, data center optimization metrics, and data center resource and cost savings opportunity. Download this report today to find Federal agency perspectives on: savings achieved, agencies’ abilities to meet the Federally mandated completion deadline, and some of the biggest Federal consolidation challenges. Read More

2010 Federal Data Center Demolition Derby Report
In May 2010, Federal IT professionals and systems integrators were surveyed to find out perceptions of the FDCCI guidance, key pain points, and recommendations to meet consolidation goals. Read More

Delivering on the Promise of a Virtualized Data Center
Learn how to deploy a virtualized dynamic data center from industry leaders in server, storage, and network virtualization. You can get the results you need to help maintain your competitive edge with an integrated, end-to-end solution from world-class providers. Read More

Delivering IT as a Service for Virtualized Data Centers
This overview details the features and technologies that NetApp, Cisco, and VMware provide to deliver a fully featured cloud infrastructure solution that is as secure, reliable, and powerful as traditional silo deployments, while achieving the flexibility, efficiency, and OPEX/CAPEX reduction benefits of a cloud architecture. Read More

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