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Built on NetApp

Organizations built on NetApp go further faster.

Success is Built on NetApp

The right storage foundation can transform your agency's IT from a cost center to a platform for innovation and success. A flexible, efficient system can help you stay ahead of your business and your growth, and achieve success by going further, faster.

Click here to see how the world’s leading companies are going further faster with efficient and flexible NetApp solutions.

IWD Saves $6.5 Million Annually
View this Success Story detailing how IWD was able to save $6.5 million annually and expand its services with more than 1,500 virtual desktops on NetApp Storage. Read More

Accelerating Converged Infrastructure with the FlexPod Datacenter Solution and the Support Alliance
In this white paper, IDC investigates the transformation of IT delivery in the datacenter and the emerging role of pretested solutions that focus on unified, shared infrastructure. The paper focuses on the advent of converged infrastructure solutions that simplify the deployment and management of virtualized environments spanning server, storage, and networking components. Read More

Cloud Services Built on NetApp
Read this solution brief to learn more about how to: Drive business agility with IT efficiency while preserving capital and administrative resources; Meet enterprise service-level agreements with cloud services; Access a full range of cloud services and global coverage through a comprehensive provider partner network; Invest in best-in-class solutions today and already be ready for tomorrow. Read More

Five Steps to Choosing an Enterprise-Class Cloud Service Provider
For many IT leaders, the potential benefits of procuring cloud services from service providers are obvious: Move from a capex to an opex model, enhance efficiencies, provide IT on demand, and accelerate time to market—all on a flat budget. The question is how to transform the cloud promise into real results. Learn how to select enterprise-class cloud service providers that can meet robust service-level agreements, safeguard information assets, and help you achieve cost savings and business acceleration objectives. Read More

NetApp, Cisco, and VMware Deliver End-to-End Secure Multi-Tenancy
Description: Today’s IT infrastructure too often suffers from siloed server and storage resources—leading to low utilization, gross inefficiency, and an inability to respond quickly and flexibly to changing business needs. How can you be certain that applications, data, and customers are securely isolated as you migrate critical applications to an infrastructure in which servers, networks, and storage are all shared resources? Read More
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