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Efficient IT

Organizations built on NetApp go further faster.

Change the Economics of IT

Cut waste, add impact, and outperform your competition. NetApp can help you change the economics of IT and protect your investments by lowering costs, improving service levels, and cutting risks.

Buy less. Operate less. Waste less.

NetApp helps you store more data for less money, in less physical space, while efficiently protecting and retaining data longer and reducing consumption of power, cooling, and space. Our customers often see reductions in data storage costs of 50% or more.

Deliver more impact in less time.

Free up your team and your time with NetApp consolidation and IT solutions. With faster recovery times, elimination of outdated systems, faster response times, virtualized environments, and more, you can increase efficiency…allowing you to deliver more impact in much less time.

Outperform your competition with improved insight.

NetApp helps your agency improve its ROI through better management and decision-making with a number of tools and information to make you more knowledgeable and better prepared.

Calculate your potential savings with our Efficiency Calculator now. 

The following reports, whitepapers and guides provide even more information about solutions that can help your agency achieve IT efficiency.

Building a Dynamic Data Center: Transform Your Environment to Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency
This paper describes the steps required to begin building your next-generation data center. It describes the elements of this new dynamic data center infrastructure as well as specific cost, time-to-market, and risk mitigation advantages that the NetApp approach delivers to the enterprise data center. Read More

The NetApp Storage Efficiency Guide
This paper is a guide to help you understand how NetApp can enable maximum storage efficiency that will allow agencies to store all their data and accommodate rapid data growth without straining their people or budgets. Read More

Defining and Measuring IT Efficiency: Maximizing Return on Storage Investments
More than 200 individuals who have deep knowledge of enterprise storage environments were surveyed. This resulting document explores some of the current perceptions around how to effectively measure efficiency in an IT environment, particularly in high-impact areas like storage efficiency, and how to promote consistent best practices in defining, measuring, and improving efficiency. Read More
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