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Federal Data Center Consolidation Resources

Below you will find a list of current government websites that provide a host of information on FDCCI. These sites offer federal agencies assistance in revamping IT systems, consolidating data centers and doing whatever it takes to deliver more value to the American taxpayer and include guidelines and resources that will help agencies achieve their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Some of these sites also offer hands-on help with things like data center application hosting and access to cloud-based tools.

These government-hosted sites are a good indicator of how important data center consolidation and cloud computing is to the future of federal government and demonstrate a significant investment on the part of government to achieving the goals of FDCCI.

This list is frequently updated.

IT Dashboard FY2014 Edition
This government website, which showcases the details of and results from Federal IT investments, was recently updated to provide easy-to-read statistics on PortfolioStat Commodity IT Reduction Targets. Digital Services Innovation Center
Newly created virtual startup, operated out of the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, is a key component of the newly created “21st Century Digital Strategy” and is tasked with finding new ways to streamline government and deliver services faster, most cost-effectively and more securely.
The official 'hub' for FDCCI Guidance, this site hosts the Initial Consolidation Plan, Asset Inventory, state of the FDCCI initiative, IT Reform Progress and the Final Consolidation Plan. It also provides information about the Data Center Consolidation Task Force, case studies and papers, and the full initial FDCCI Template. Data Centers
On the latest list of closures? The number of federal government data centers quadrupled between1998 and 2010, but by the end of 2012, 373 of them will close. This site shows which data centers are closed or will soon be closed.

25-Point Implementation Plan
To save the American population money, government officials have been trying to develop best practices for years, but have been slowed down by various issues. The 25-Point Plan is an attempt to move past these difficulties to allow for a more competent and operative government. This plan discusses terminating underperforming IT projects, enforcing a "Cloud First" policy, eliminating a number of data centers and authorizing funding for only approved major IT projects. More in-depth details of this 25-Point plan are offered here.

Federal Cloud Computing Strategy
The federal government is moving toward cloud computing to better use its assets, avoid duplication and improve procurement lead times. Understand how cloud computing helps save the government money.

U.S. Federal Executive Branch Datasets
This link provides access to the U.S. Federal Executive Branch datasets and other metadata for these datasets, including maps of where consolidation is taking place, data center closures by geography, data center closures by federal department, and much more.

Office of Management and Budget
Visit the site below for the Office of Management and Budget to read directives and information on shutting down data centers, how the Administration is using technology to improve government accountability and cut costs, and general IT reform.

GSA Apps.Gov
Need some assistance in determining what type of solution is necessary for your consolidation plan? This site guides agencies in finding solutions in the areas of Cloud IT Services, Business Applications, Productivity Applications and Social Media Applications. Digging more deeply, the Cloud IT Services tab breaks down into storage, web hosting and virtual machines, hosted in the cloud. And GSA's Cloud IT Services provides more than information; it can provide the apps. (GSA)

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)
FedRAMP's goal is to help agencies adopt cloud computing by evaluating services provided by vendors. This site provides links to the details of the program, including cloud computing security requirements, continuous monitoring and assessment/authorization approaches. It also provides links to assessment procedures and FedRAMP templates, as well related blogs and videos.

National Business Center (NBC) Data Center Services – Department of Interior
The NBC Information Technology Directorate has been hosting data centers for more than 20 years, and offers hosting services in the Washington, DC and Denver, CO areas.
NBC Information Technology Directorate
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