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Below you will find an array of government presentations given to a variety of audiences on all aspects of FDDCI. This is the place to go to see what is working and what isn't. You'll find out what government leaders who have been through the data consolidation and cloud computing transformation process have to say about areas like migration planning and implementation, contract vehicles, disaster recovery, bandwidth and security. You'll also get real-world information about how much money your agency can actually save from data consolidation.

Treasury and Fiscal IT DCCI Lessons Learned
This PowerPoint Presentation provides details on the impact of several of the Treasury Department’s enterprise initiatives, including its shared services strategy, and its fiscal IT investment priorities.

Slideshare Presentation: U.S. Government Cloud Services: Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) – February 2012
This presentation covers Federal Risk Authorization Management Program with FISMA, SCAP and Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative to clarify how US government agencies purchase cloud services need to meet Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements.

State Department: IT Consolidation Executive Forum, October 2010
In this presentation, Cindy Cassil, Director of the Department of State's Systems and Integration Office, explains the Department's challenges, keys to success, consolidation and the long-range plan. It explains why and how it managed consolidation, dealt with funding issues, devised its strategy and communicated the vision to stakeholders.
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The Economic Gains of Cloud Computing, April 2010
Former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra explains how cloud computing can save agencies real money. Examples include those from Department of Interior, NASA and Department of Energy.
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DoE's Approach to Data Center Energy Efficiency
This site provides a wealth of information about saving energy in data centers, including software to help make it happen, case studies of agencies that have done it right, news about energy efficiency, and the DoE's own Industrial Technologies Program.
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DHS: Data Center Consolidation DHS Lessons Learned, June 2010
This Homeland Security presentation describes the lessons learned during data center consolidation in the areas of IT security, disaster recovery and WAN bandwidth, migration planning and implementation, contract vehicle & terms and financial.
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Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) Workshop II: Final Asset Inventory Baseline, June 2010
Unable to attend this valuable FDCCI Workshop in person? Download the presentation to find out more about agency tasks, deliverables, deadlines, FDCCI PMO tasks and to reference the FDCCI templates now available to help track inventory and assess the energy used in an IT facility.
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