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Find Data Center Companies Supporting the FDCCI Mandate

Most of these industry resource sites offer not only techniques and methodologies, but a host of resources like knowledge centers, white papers, publications and event listings, related to FDCCI. No matter what phase you're in, you'll find help and dedicated resources from these public-private partnerships, industry consortiums and vendors with a focus on FDCCI.

ThunderCat Technology
ThunderCat Technology has partnered with its GSA Mentor, Knight Point Systems, to develop a proven methodology and process along with world-class proprietary tools. This combination of methodology, processes and tools are designed to guide agencies through their entire Data Center Consolidation Initiative efforts from beginning to end. ThunderCat specializes in procurement, software, hardware and facilities, while Knight Point Systems handles IT services and assessments with certified best practices. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

Knight Point Systems
Knight Point Systems is a premier provider of data center-centric services supporting the U.S. Government and commercial enterprises. Knight Point has partnered with ThunderCat Technology to provide federal agencies with the methodology, processes and tools to manage data center consolidation projects. Knight Point has eight domestic corporate offices delivering under Governance, Sustainability, Application and Cyber Security practices. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

Riverbed helps government consolidation initiatives by identifying service dependencies and targets for consolidation, optimizing the number and cost of data centers and leveraging public cloud infrastructure. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

Symantec protects the world's information and is the global leader in security, backup, and availability solutions. Our innovative products and services protect people and information in any environment—from the smallest mobile device to the enterprise data center to cloud-based systems. Our industry-leading expertise in protecting data, identities, and interactions gives our customers confidence in a connected world. Click here for more information.

NetApp Public Sector DCC Solutions
NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate federal data center consolidation efforts. Dedication to the principles of simplicity, innovation, and customer success has made NetApp one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers today. Organizations around the world choose NetApp for its “go beyond” approach and broad portfolio of solutions for server-to-storage virtualization, mission-critical applications, data protection, and more. NetApp® solutions and virtualized storage technologies provide nonstop availability of critical data and speed product development, so federal agencies can confidently meet the FDCCI deadlines. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

American Council For Technology
The American Council for Technology (ACT) – Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through information technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, ethical and trusted forum where government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues in the public sector. Learn more.

CA Technologies
CA’s Data Center Efficiency Solution assists agencies to manage their cost and energy reduction initiatives, enhance service delivery to constituents and drive efficiency in the data center and across the IT supply chain. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

Cisco’s approach to the data center focuses on application networking services with application-oriented networking; a resilient network infrastructure that supports security, availability, performance and business continuance goals while facilitating virtualization; and storage networking. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.

CSC: Envision Government IT
This FDCCI focused site consists of blogs written by government IT thought leaders and experts at CSC. Topics in the past have included how data center consolidation saves energy, the relationship between identity and cloud deployment, and the human element in data consolidation. Visit Envision Gov IT Blog.

Federal Cloud Blog:
Sponsored by Cisco and Intel, The Fed Cloud Blog reports the latest cloud news from around the world. The blog focuses on different ways that government is able to connect, innovate and save with Cloud Computing. Federal News Radio is heard throughout the greater Metropolitan Washington Area at 1500 AM and in Frederick at 820 AM. Learn more.

Government Technology Resource Alliance
The Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) brings together more than 100 federal leaders in a variety of technology areas to collaborate, strategize and create innovative solutions for government-wide challenges. It also provides access to white papers, research briefs and news on data center infrastructure, cloud computing, cyber security and green IT. Learn more.

IBM has vast experience with data centers that are compliant with the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA) and DoD 5220 regulations. IBM’s data center consolidation solutions promise to reduce energy consumption by up to 55% and floor space by 65%. IBM also provides cloud computing solutions for government to help reduce IT and energy costs, optimize workloads, employ new capabilities and meet federal mandates and initiatives. Learn more.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Capital Area
The IFMA offers certifications in facility management, hosts events and posts news on facility management, and provides a marketplace of vendors that can help agencies with facilities management. IFMA also sponsors professional development courses and provides networking opportunities. Learn more.

The Uptime Institute
The Uptime Institute, an independent division of The 451 Group, provides a host of educational and consulting services related to data centers and enterprise computing. Its certifications for data center design and sustainability are widely respected. It also runs a blog that keeps track of data center projects and resources. In addition, it offers a vendor-neutral Digital Infrastructure Roadmap that evaluates the long-term performance potential in enterprise computing and data centers. Learn more.

VMWare offers virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, including FlexPod, a pretested, integrated, optimized data center solution. VMWare also offers FDCCI-specific reports and hosts events with key government-focused sessions, panels and networking where government agency personnel can learn more about how VMWare is helping U.S. Federal agencies and Defense organizations address requirements around FDCCI and other mandates. Click for valuable resource downloads such as white papers, research and case studies from this provider.
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