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White Papers & Case Studies

Below you will find a list of industry white papers and case studies that include a wealth of knowledge related to all aspects of FDCCI. White paper topics range from the initiative itself, how best to benefit from data center consolidation and steps toward achieving an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI). Case studies also provide great insight into what you should do – and what you shouldn't do – during a data consolidation effort. For example, read a case study about an agency that recovered 5,600 square feet of data center floor space in less than a week. These resources are great for translating experience into actionable guidance.

Expanded Top 10 Big Data and Security Challenges
This white paper, released by the Cloud Security Alliance, details 10 major security and privacy challenges facing infrastructure providers and customers. These include security best practices for non-relational data stores, real-time security monitoring, secure data storage and transactions logs, and granular access control. Read more

Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of the Modern Data Center
Within the modern data center, there are new demands around cloud computing, big data and
infrastructure power efficiency, all being driven by more users, more data and more reliance on the data center. This white paper, conducted by Data Center Knowledge and sponsored by Panduit, looks at critical steps to enable data center optimization and best utilize energy resources. Read more

The Datacenter's Role in Delivering Business Innovation: Using DCIM to Enable a Common Management Approach
This IDC White Paper, published in November 2012 and sponsored by CA Technologies, details how IT teams and data center managers can realize effective and integrated management of the data center, despite the fact that IT and facilities often have disparate data sources, systems, tools, processes and approaches. Read more

Five Steps to Successful IT Consolidation and Virtualization
This white paper, published in 2012 by Riverbed Technology, Inc., provides a roadmap for how to effectively utilize virtualization to overcome the very challenging data center consolidation process. Steps include laying out a change and risk management strategy, developing a plan for resiliency, testing branch office performance and local consolidation, architecting a forward-looking architecture and planning a phased rollout. Read more

White Paper: The Rise of Next-Generation Data Center Network Security
This report, conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group and sponsored by Crossbeam Systems, Inc., looks at the massive changes taking place in data centers as large organizations embrace trends in data center consolidation, server virtualization, and cloud computing to improve efficiency, lower costs and improve IT agility; outlines the misalignment between new data center requirements and legacy technologies; and discusses the resulting networking challenges, including the problem of implementing network security within more dynamic, virtualized data centers. Read More

White Papers: Federal Data Center Optimization and Storage Solutions
Read a whitepaper and various data sheets that discuss key drivers for data center optimization in the federal government, describes core principles, and details best practices, methodologies, and technology solutions proven to derive maximum value from data center optimization initiatives. Read More

Solution Brief: Security for the Borderless Era
See how solutions, such as Riverbed® Cascade® next-generation monitoring platform, provide enterprises an omnipresent view of all activity on the network. With Cascade, Information Security (InfoSec) teams can address a broad range of security and governance challenges, including targeted malware, APTs, fraud, espionage and forensic audit. Read More

White Paper: Using Advanced Analytics to Facilitate the Federal Mandate for Data Center Consolidation
This paper details how NetApp® OnCommand® Insight management software quickly identifies heterogeneous storage assets and maps the relationships between applications, servers, virtual machines, switches, and storage. When all consolidation and technology transitions have been completed, OnCommand Insight helps manage physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure more efficiently to reduce both capital and operating expenses. Read More

White Paper: Mitigating the Risks of IT Change
The success of many IT change projects and federal IT mandates – FDCCI, COOP, private cloud, and virtualization initiatives – is dependent on effective IT planning and decision making. Riverbed® Cascade® is an application-aware network performance management solution with built-in capabilities that automate the process of discovering and mapping applications to the underlying infrastructure and interdependencies. Cascade provides invaluable tools for managing and troubleshooting data center network change projects that support regulatory and security compliance, while reducing project timeframes by two-thirds and costs of discovery by up to 50 percent. Read More

White Paper: Enabling Ubiquitous Visibility in Virtualized Environments
Enterprises have been using Cascade® products from Riverbed Technology for many years to discover, monitor and troubleshoot their physical network and application infrastructure. Cascade network performance management (NPM) solution offers a rich set of functionality to understand network and application performance in the context of end-user experience, and to uncover problems in an organization’s physical infrastructure. With enterprises aggressively embracing virtualization, this sea change has brought new visibility gaps in IT infrastructure. Read More

White Papers: Government Data Center Consolidation
This site features numerous whitepapers provided by Ciena Corporation. These papers explain their portfolio of software-centric optical and Ethernet platforms that combine network element programmability, operating system commonality and management unification, and Carrier Ethernet-based transformation. Read More

Survey Results: Pulse on Public Sector Virtualization and Cloud Computing Study
Review the comprehensive and sometimes surprising results of this survey, conducted by Quest Software Public Sector, Inc., a subsidiary of Quest Software. Gain invaluable insight from government and education IT officials into today's virtualization and cloud implementations, and into effective paths forward. Read More

Case Study: U.S. Treasury Department I.T. Datacenter Consolidation and Space Recovery Case Study
The U.S. Treasury Department needed 12 decommissioned STK Silo Tape Library Units (Silos) removed from two of its data centers to consolidate facilities and make room for replacement by other equipment. Read how AvarSYS, a subsidiary of XS International, planned and executed the step-by-step removal in less than half the time the Treasury Department anticipated. Read More

Solution Brief: Federal Data Center Consolidation – The Need for Efficient IT Infrastructure
The federal government’s deployment of computing resources at geographically distributed data centers and field offices ensured end-user performance, but also caused the inefficient use of energy and computing resources, and increased the expense and difficulty of managing them. This solution brief by Riverbed explains how its Cascade products help identify service dependencies and targets for consolidation, optimize the number and cost of data centers, and leverage public cloud infrastructure. Read More

White Paper: Five Steps to Successful IT Consolidation and Virtualization
Virtualization is seen as a fundamental enabling technology for consolidation, allowing every server to be more efficiently utilized and giving more flexibility to the infrastructure--but a poorly planned consolidation can do more harm than the good! In this paper, Riverbed lays out five steps to successful IT consolidation and virtualization projects. Read More

White Paper: Federal Data Center Consolidation Playbook – A Resource for FDCCI Planning and Execution
In this paper, Riverbed outlines a framework of specific solutions for consolidating data center facilities that is intended to efficiently use available resources and provide strategic, multifunctional value. It addresses a number of key topics outlined by the FDCCI Task Force, including tools for mapping applications, tracking and managing inventory; migration planning and execution, preparing the receiving data center for consolidation, and leveraging cloud services. Read More

Tools for Tracking and Managing Inventory: Increasing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Asset Transparency
Maintaining a current, detailed understanding of your data center’s assets and applications is critical to ensuring optimal performance and cost reduction. Learn how one company successfully leveraged an Active Asset Management Solution to realize a total combined expense savings of nearly $1.5M per year. Read More

Tools for Mapping Applications: Using Hercules to Help Understand Your Business and Technology Dependencies
Overall data center consolidation savings can be threatened in the complicated “Mapping” phase. See how the US Department of Treasury's Financial Management Services performed a more efficient data center mapping, enabling them to take full advantage of the data center consolidation savings. Read More
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