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Thoughts on Data Center Consolidation and Green IT from Federal Information Technology Thought Leaders

This section of FDCCI Connect provides links to valuable insight from government and industry thought leaders.

Over the past two years, federal thought leaders -- from the federal CIO to those in agencies who have captured the vision for government efficiency -- have provided clear direction and methodologies for meeting the FDCCI mandate. Read what these and others have to say about the current state of FDCCI adoption and where they see the future heading for green IT, virtualization and the Cloud.

Use this page to keep up to date with what leading experts are saying in the news media, on blogs, at events, and testifying to Congress. These leaders are addressing a range of topics, from predicting increased industry competition for federal IT business and how agency CIOs will take a broader role in managing federal IT portfolios, to outlining methods of inventorying Web domains to meet deadlines. These are the federal leaders who are at the forefront of both policy and practical implementation and ones you'll want to watch.

FDCCI Thought Leader Watch:

Richard Spires

Richard Spires CIO, DHS

Richard A. Spires is the designated cross-agency leader for FDCCI and serves as the co-chair for the Federal CIO Council's FDCCI committee. And as Homeland Security CIO, he is also charged with consolidating the Department of Homeland Security's 24 data centers into two data centers. He is frequently interviewed on the topic, and has become a major voice for the issue.

Steven VanRoekel

Steven VanRoekel, Federal CIO

Steven VanRoekel recently stepped down as managing director of the Federal Communications Commission. Before working at the FCC, he was an executive at Microsoft. As the new Federal CIO, VanRoekel will take over the work Vivek Kundra has done, including leading the FDCCI effort that Vivek Kundra launched in February of 2010, with the goals of promoting green IT, reducing costs, increasing security and improving efficiency.

Katie Lewin

Katie Lewin, Director, Cloud Computing Program and Chief of Staff for the CIO, GSA

Lewin is heavily invested in making sure that the FDCCI program is a success. She helped develop and launch the Web site and has worked with the Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee and Cloud Computing Advisory Council to establish a governance and operations infrastructure and deal with security, standards, communications and operational issues.

Lt. Gen. William Lord

Lt. Gen. William Lord, CIO and Chief of War fighting Integration, U.S. Air Force

General Lord is responsible for shaping communications and information technology strategy throughout the Air Force. He is strongly committed to improving IT efficiency through data center consolidation, application consolidation, acquisition reform, cloud computing and cyber security. He is also responsible for integrating Air Force war fighting and mission support capabilities by networking space, air and terrestrial assets.

Zachary Baldwin

Zachary Baldwin, Program Manager, Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, GSA

Zachary Baldwin is responsible for the overall design and execution of the FDCCI, including research, working with agencies to identify and close centers, and supporting the executive-level oversight task force. Baldwin was recently honored with a 2011 Federal Computer Week Rising Star Award for developing a strategy to collect and analyze information on the federal government's existing data centers, which enabled the Obama administration to determine a realistic goal for reductions.

Richard Boe

Richard Boe, Manager of Operations Group, Information Technology Directorate, FAA

Richard Boe heads a team that provides administrative IT support to all FAA air-traffic control towers, federal contract towers and air-route traffic control centers. Among the notable accomplishments of Boe and his team are the completion and consolidation of IT-infrastructure management functions for organization and implementing policies promoting and requiring environmental-friendly practices that comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations.

Bernard Mazer

Bernard J. Mazer, CIO, Department of the Interior

Bernard J. Mazer oversees an estimated $1 billion information technology portfolio and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and advice to the Secretary of the Interior on the effective use of IT assets. He is currently focused on infrastructure modernization and for ensuring compliance with a number of new regulations and directives, including FDCCI. Mazer has over 25 years experience in IT, communications and project and program management.
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