Top 5 Data Center Consolidation Lessons Learned

Uncertain if the challenges you are facing in a particular phase are unique to your environment, or if other agencies have experienced the same pain points?

Since the FDCCI mandate was first announced and even before, hundreds of federal data centers have successfully completed relocation and consolidation efforts. Collectively, hundreds of thousands of square feet of data center floor space have been migrated, yet not without a wide range of challenges. Identified in an easy-to-reference format are five helpful hints of things to look out for or pitfalls to avoid throughout each phase of the FDCCI process. These common mistakes and easy to implement solutions are based on real-world experiences that have come from some of the largest agencies in the federal space.

Take advantage of what your peers have learned by reviewing the following case studies and downloading the full "Lessons Learned" now!
  • Challenge #1: Accurate Asset Inventory
  • Challenge #2: Consolidation Coordination
  • Challenge #3: Lack of Understanding of the Organizational Impact
  • Challenge #4: Baseline Coordination and Design Metrics
  • Challenge #5: Underestimating Facility Requirements

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